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The Tinker's Daughter Landscaping & Design
Landscape  Design & Installation
Working with clients and/or their own maintenance teams in an advisatory capacity in order to build, grow and maintain a beautiful & sustainable garden
  • Design concepts & solutions
  • Organic solutions to pest management and disease
  • Appropriate plant selections
  • Organic methods to fertilizing and ammending
  • Hand pruning & trimming
  • Lawn alternatives
  • Edible land use
​Creating a design plan specific to your location, architecture & personal vision
  • Design
  • Landscape installation including irrigation, lighting & hardscape
  • Installation of Compost Systems
  • Specialty garden design & installation:  Edible gardens, Childrens' gardens, Healing gardens, Memorial gardens, Knotted Herb gardens, Labrynths & more....there are no limits to imagination!
Garden Consultation & Coaching
Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly maintenance program to accomodate your garden care needs. Installation is only the beginning: responsible maintenance is a long-term commitment. On-site practices incorporate:
  • Emphasis on Plant & Soil Care
  • Hand Pruning & Trimming
  • Sustainable Approach to Pest & Disease Management
  • Irrigation Monitoring
  • Implementing & Maintaining Compost Systems
  • Maintaining Garden Appearance
Garden Maintenance

Project Management:
  • Facilitating your Landscape Project